Laminar and temporal expression dynamics of coding and noncoding RNAs in the mouse neocortex

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This dataset at the Department of Neurobiology Yale University School of Medicine is a public resource. We provide transcriptome data generated using Illumina high throughout sequencing of polyA RNAs and small RNAs over 36 samples at infragranular layers(IgL),granular layer (L4) and supragranular layers( SgL) from the primary somatosensory cortex of mouse brain at postnatal day (P) P4, P6, P8, P10, P14 and P180 (adult). The entire data is available for all specimens, upon request. This project is funded by the National Institute of Health (MH081896, MH062639, NS051869). Additional data will be incorporated into the database as it becomes available.

Public available data

Supplemental figures and methods (PDF, ~2.5Mb)
Supplemental tables (Excel, ~13Mb)
Normalized expression values of mRNA (Excel, ~8Mb)
Normalized expression values of miRNA (Excel, ~100kb)
SRA archives of raw fastq files of mRNAseq and smRNAseq (Accession: SRP031888)
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Fertuzinhos S, Li M, Kawasawa YI, Ivic V, Franjic D, Singh D, Crair M and Sestan N: Laminar and Temporal Expression Dynamics of Coding and Noncoding RNAs in the Mouse Neocortex. Cell Rep. 2014 Feb 19; Epub 2014 Feb 19. PMID: 24561256

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