Kang HJ, et al, Nature, 2011, 478:483-489, Supplemental Material

Supplemental figures and methods (PDF, ~7.3Mb)

Supplemental tables (Excel, ~3.4Mb)

Gene expression matrix (TXT, ~187Mb)

GEO archives of original cell files (Accession: GSE25219)

dbGAP archives of genotypes and phenotypes files (Accession: phs000406.v1.p1)

Johnson MB, et al, Neuron, 2009, 62:494-509, Supplemental Material

Supplemental figures, methods, and tables (PDF, ~9.4Mb)

Supplemental tables (Excel, ~1.9Mb)

Sample XRAY auto-generated paper (PDF)

NCTX Network (PDF, ~9.4Mb)

NCTX Modules (Excel, ~4.4Mb)

Regional Network (PDF, ~8.9Mb)

Regional Modules (Excel, ~6.3Mb)

Annotated R code (PDF)

Exon-level expression data from these studies are viewable at the UCSC Human Genome Browser using the "Sestan Brain" expression track(http://genome.ucsc.edu).